A Missed Call might be
a Missed Opportunity
  • Missed Calls and Unread Messages

    In a noisy location or away from mobile for some reason but cannot afford to miss call or sms. Set Sound, Vibration and Flash Light alerts at regular intervals.

  • Unread chat and emails

    Unable to hear the low notification sounds of chats ( facebook messenger, whatsapp, hangout etc ) and emails but need to reply them immediately. This is one app you would surely like to have in your phone

  • Unsuccessful Incoming and Outgoing calls

    With a unique take on missed calls, the application provides options to enable/disable reminder for unsuccessful Incoming and Outgoing calls

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  • Low Battery and Signal

    Set a battery level and get alert as soon as the battery goes below that level. Also get alerts for areas with low phone signals.

  • Use Widgets for quick Access

    Use the widget provided by application to access quick enable or disable application and various alert sounds. Widgets are also provided in different sizes so as to be used as per needs.

  • Customization at its best

    With exclusive features like contact filtering, quiet mode, custom tones, alert count and intervals, Alert.Me becomes a part of your daily lifestyle seamlessly. Use the application and experience it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1 Why I am not getting an alert for a specific contact?

    Ans. You are not alerted if you have already read the corresponding mail/call/sms for which you are expecting an alert. Also you might have enabled contact filtering but the contact is not added in the alert\'s respective Contact Filtering List.

  • Q3 Why I am not getting alert while testing it for the first time?

    Ans. You are not alerted if you have already read the corresponding mail/call/sms for which you are expecting an alert. It is also possible that you have checked the intelligent alert checkbox option on home screen and thus there are no alerts as screen light is on (indicates that you have already noticed the missed call but ignored it for some other reason). If you want this app to alert you even when screen light is on, please uncheck the intelligent alert option on home screen of app.

  • Q2 Why I am not getting the SMS reminder?

    Ans. You might have installed application like GoSMS Pro which intrude in sms arrival for other applications and hence you might not be alerted. To recieve alerts make sure you uncheck the "Disable other message notification" setting in Receive Settings of GoSMS settings.

  • Q4 How to get a mail alert for a specific mail id/mail group only?

    Ans. Our application only filters mail on gmail labels bases. As a workaround for getting an alert for a specific mail id/ group, Add a forwarder to forward all your email account mails to gmail. Create a filter in your gmail by going to gmail settings. Filter all mails from forwarded email id to a newly created label. Then you can go to Mail Alert Settings of the Alert.Me app and select the label you have created for receiving specific email id based alerts.

Perfect!! It's great I finally won't miss a txt msg any longer!! And it's sad you must download this app bcuz Samsung is too stupid to write this into my Galaxy S2 software! Thanks again for an awesome app!!

Quentin Collins

The perfect app to fill a gap that my Moto-X could not fulfill. I was very disappointed that my new phone had no way to set reminders for missed calls/messages. This app is such a good bargain... It was free. Works great! Now I love my phone again.

Kenny Kanode

Great app. This functionality should be baked in to Android, thank you to the developer for stepping up and providing it. Does a critical job flawlessly. Please buy the Pro app if you use this, good apps and devs deserve our support

Hugh Messenger

Brilliant app If your mobile is the mainstay of your business this app is for you definitely

sparkle ll

MVP app, and I'm only adjusting the settings! My phone doesn't have a notifier built in - it's one of those things I forgot about when assessing new handset options. It occurred to me that "there must be an app for that!", so I had a look and here we are! I haven't even used it yet, but am already completely besotted with it after simply adjusting the notification settings.

Syndi Burton

Umar Dambatta kano Nice Application.... If you dont have an inbuilt missed call and missed text reminder, this is the application you need.

Umar Muhammad

I like it !!!! I reeallly like this app. Idk what LG Marquee has against status lites but I have been searching for an app to compensate for that feature and non have worked until I found this one. THANK YOU

A Google User

Love It Needed something to remind me of missed calls and texts. This fits the bill and has more options than I had dreamed of.

Kurt Lechliter

Does exactly what it says Moving from iphone to nexus 4, I found I was missing messages as there was no repeat notification or it was easy to miss the small on screen notification. With this app, the repeat notifications have stopped them being missed. Does exactly what it says it should do.

A Google User

Good! Works well especially when in a noisy environment when you don't hear your phone. I used to miss text messages all the time while at the mall while my phone was in my purse... now I don't.

Megan Wissel

Gr8 4,"*4GeTful*"*UsErS* like ME.... It is an AWESOME app, @ least 4 me, cuz I get calls, Voicemails, &/or Texts, among other things, & don*t remember to review them, respond, return, &/or do whatever "action" Thats needs to be completed, b/c I am REALLY, *AWFULLY* ¡*¡* 4GETFUL *¡*¡, so OR BECAUSE of how ANNOYING the sound of this *"REMINDER"* is, & to make it stop REQUIRES the *COMPLETION* of the NEEDED action, I don't feel quite as *4GETFUL* n/eMORE!¡! THANX!

Carole Brown

This app does exactly what I wanted to do. Very happy with it.

Carlos Grant

Good! Works well especially when in a noisy environment when you don't hear your phone. I used to miss text messages all the time while at the mall while my phone was in my purse... now I don't.

Megan Wissel

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